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NO.9 - CONTROL BASE UV Protection SPF 30 PA+++

Base UV Protection

A lightweight makeup base is perfect for every day use to protect your sensitive skin from UV while promoting moist, smooth, and bright skin without ruining your makeup.

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  1. Natural-look perfect skin

    - cover uneven and dark skin tone

    - moisten your skin to prevent wrinkle and lines

    - stop oxidation of both inner and outer skin layers for bright skin results

  2. Prevent your skin from the foundation!

    - protect your skin from direct contact with the foundation

    - reflect lights for dull skin no more

  • All skin types

  • Skin with acne issues

  • Sensitive skin with irritation from laser procedure, cosmetics allergy, or steroid products

  • Skin with sunburn issues

How to use:

  1. Use the one-baht-coin-sized amount of product on your hand

  2. Apply on your face and neck as the last step before makeup


Recommended order of skincare products:

  • Destinare recommendation :

No.0 – No.1 – No.2 – Ikuhadasui – Shinju bihada ex – Real beaute – Extra essence – Revival Beaute – Collage oil – Olive oil/No.10/No.18 – No.7/No.9

  • Dr. Purelab Recovery steps :

No.0 – No.1 – No.2 – No. 12 – No.10/No.18 – No.7/No.9

  • Mixed with other skincare :

Use as a sunscreen

Q: Can I change the package?

A: Yes, you can!


Q: Is it  water-resistant?

A: The product is not water-resistant


Q: Is it safe to use during pregnancy?

A: Yes! It's definitely safe to use our product during pregnancy.


Q: Any tips?

A: Reapply 2-3 times during the day or every 4 hours. Reapply more frequently (every 2 hours) for outdoor activity or long-time sun exposure to fully protect your skin.

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