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The science of holistic skin treatment focuses on treating from the interior and sustainably restoring healthy skin by combining the science of nature with premium technology for flawless skin in every moment. We have curated facial treatment products that suited all Asian skin types from 2 exclusive Japanese salon brands to bring the Destinare skincare to you at home.

Salon De Noble

Bring out beauty

The product under the concept 'Extracting beauty through the science of nature.' Blending the science of biology and physics to create the skincare product that has been meticulously designed to help restore the skin on the right spot—choosing only premium natural ingredients from the best source as the key, giving an excellent skin treatment from the cell's origin, becoming the natural protection that lasts.

Dr. Purelab

The Art of Skin Health Restoration and Rejuvenation

"We have developed the product under the theory of 'regenerate new skin.' The advanced science is designed to restore the skin efficiently, choosing only the premium technology that results in drastic skin improvement. Stimulating the metabolism in skin cells helps reveal healthy, beautiful skin that appears younger from the inside."